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Dr. Gebre Tadesse

Expertise in: Material microstructures evaluation and 3D non-contact surface profiling


Gebre performs geo-materials research and development and is a technical link in business development for various operations and customers.

Gebre Tadesse

Gebre holds a PhD in Geo-chemistry, University College Cork, and currently works as a microscopist at Lucideon. His role involves performing materials microstructures and surface evaluation using optical, 3D and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy Dispersive Analysis (EDA) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) – specimen preparation, for the full characterization of multi-component systems or evaluation of degradation or failure mechanisms.

Furthering his professional development Gebre has undertaken a number of certification and training courses including; White Light interferometry for 3D surface analysis, SEM/EDX Quantitative analysis, 'COSHH – Practical Assessment and Control' from the Health and Safety Laboratory and 'Practical Rheology: Method Development and Advances'.

Prior to joining Lucideon Gebre has worked as a Research Scientist for Sibelco Europe, Research Development and Innovation (RDI) Department where he studied the physical and chemical properties of natural and modified industrial minerals of ceramics, for fillers, for environmental applications and construction. He also performed characterization of industrial minerals and materials for quality and quantity analysis using optical and electron microprobe, XRD, XRF, thermal analysis, infrared spectroscopy, rheology and particle size analysis. He has also held a position as Undergraduate Demonstrator, University College Cork, National University of Ireland.

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