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Dr. Phil Jackson

Expertise in: Powders; novel shaping, medical devices, consumer products, pharmaceuticals

Technical Manager, Healthcare Consultancy

Phil holds a BSc Hons in Chemistry and a PhD in Thermodynamics, both from Leicester University. Gained from over thirty five years of experience, Phil's areas of expertise lie in glass chemistry, novel shaping processes and in the practical control of dry powders and powder suspensions.

Phil Jackson

Phil has been with Lucideon for over 35 years. Moving from an initial focus on glaze and ceramic powder processing for the traditional ceramic industry in the early part of his career, Phil expanded his expertise to advanced ceramic process issues, including control of nanosuspensions and precipitation processes for electronics applications. Over the past 12 years Phil has largely been involved in healthcare and consumer goods consultancy, leading a team of 6-7 staff dedicated to these sectors.

During his career Phil has gained considerable expertise in characterisation of dry powders and powder suspensions: zeta potential and rheology in particular have proven to be invaluable techniques for assisting clients. Awareness of different shaping techniques (and the variables associated with them) and use of Factorial Experimental Design (FED) to link raw material and end product properties has enabled a robust consultancy offering. This approach has allowed the healthcare consultancy team to deliver higher yields, better products, lower cost products to clients in the areas of skin / hair / oral care, pharmaceuticals, tissue replacement to name a few.

Phil is also principal consultant for powders at Lucideon meaning that his expertise is called upon to shape / deliver projects in many other sectors including food and agriculture.

Phil was also a Technology Translator for the Materials KTN from 2006 to 2014, identifying powder needs in various industries and helping to connect companies and universities with complementary skills. Finally Phil has considerable experience in initiating, writing and managing European and UK Government public funded projects.

In 2018 Phil won the Roy T Holland award for services to traditional ceramic R&D, presented by the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3).

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