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Dr. Giles Blundred

Expertise in: Materials characterization

X-Ray Diffraction Scientist

Giles was awarded his PhD in “The synthesis and characterisation of manganese-doped stannate and antimonate pyrochlores” and a BSc in degree in Chemistry and Geology from Keele University.

Giles Blundred

Giles spent 2 years in Postdoctoral research at Liverpool University on the metal hydride reduction of mixed metal oxides. He has over 13 years’ experience across research and commercial environments in materials characterization with expertise in X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction techniques.

He has vast experience in crystallographic structure and quantitative diffraction analysis with particular expertise in materials such as; traditional alumino-silicate-based ceramics, novel oxide-based materials, doped-calcium phosphates, plastics and electro-ceramics.

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