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Wear Evaluation & Tribology for Turbine Blade OEMs

The onset of wear is inevitable in a dynamic system, however understanding the drivers for its onset and progression are key in overcoming it.  Our ability to conduct detailed wear evaluation means we can provide you with the data you need to help predict the lifetime of a material or coating.

Our wear testing facilities evaluate the wear, friction, and lubrication performance of your products.  Wear testing is further supported by our world-leading surface evaluation, materials characterization, and debris, particulate and wear pattern analyses.  We work to ISO methods and also develop customized protocols when your novel design doesn’t quite fit the standard.

Surfaces can be analyzed to identify the presence of dopants, process contaminants, impurities and surface treatments to depths of tens of microns.  In-depth analysis allows characterization of layer structures, buried features and surface treatments.  Multi-element depth profiling can be performed to depths from nm to tens of µm.

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