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Microstructure Evaluation for Engine OEMs

Lucideon has wide-ranging expertise in the evaluation, troubleshooting and qualification of metals, ceramics and polymers used throughout the Aerospace industries.

From evaluation of gamma prime in superalloys, alpha case in titanium, porosity in ceramics or molding defects in polymers – we can provide microstructural characterization of these materials along with troubleshooting support to make sure that your materials are fit for service.  Let our experts explain the problem from the inside out, backing out answers based on the microstructure of your materials.

Microstructural evaluation ranges from simple determination of certain parameters such as grain size or coating thickness through porosity and pore structure to full characterization of multi-component systems or evaluation of degradation or failure mechanisms.

A combination of techniques are used to provide both physical and chemical information, with sub-micron resolution.

Our wealth of expertise in materials can be accessed to solve problems with typical applications including:

  • Grain size measurement
  • Identification of inclusions and specks
  • Porosity and bonding evaluation
  • Refractory attack mechanisms
  • Surface deposits and coatings
  • Development of interfaces on reaction
  • Unknown particles or materials identification
  • Evaluation of material processing
  • Performance evaluation and variability
  • Failure mechanisms and crack development
  • Evaluation of loci of failure.

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