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Failure Analysis for Engine OEMs

Failure analysis is a critical technique in the manufacture of aircraft engine components to enable you to mitigate the risk of premature failure.

Our experience enables us to perform extensive testing on a range of materials and mechanical components to predict and reduce failure risks in applications throughout the engine manufacturing supply chain.  Our knowledge and failure analysis capabilities gives you valuable insight into the development of new products and components and actions to improve existing ones.

How can we help you?

Here are some examples of what we do for our partners:

  • Failure analysis and root cause investigations on metal structures and polymer components manufactured for engines such as fan blades, compressors and nozzles
  • Chemical, physical and thermal testing and analysis on metal alloys such as those used on shafts and bearings
  • Contamination identification and analysis of engine fan and compressor components.

Our experts come from a variety of backgrounds and industries which allow them to collaborate across diverse teams and approach these forensic failures investigations from a variety of unique perspectives.

Partnering with us means you can:

  • Reduce down time
  • Prevent reoccurrences
  • Assess liability
  • Increase fundamental understanding of materials and equipment in your processes
  • Aid product optimization and development.

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