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'Materials Matter' Mobile App

We are trialling a mobile app which is being developed to give you access to industry knowledge and information on a broad range of materials.

The video below gives you an overview of what the app will do and a preview of what the app will look like.

The app will give you:

  • Quick access to material information and properties
  • Knowledge on common ceramic faults to help you solve manufacturing and process issues
  • Case studies on projects we have completed for our clients which has given them the edge over competitors
  • Abstracts from our white papers and webinars
  • Latest news from Lucideon.

Key features of the app:

  • Search function - this allows you to use keywords to find information stored on the app 
  • Offline functionality - the app can be used offline by using information stored from last time you were online
  • Ability to contact us quickly via email or phone.

We want the app to become an integral part of your projects, providing you with key information at the touch of a button to help you find a route to a solution.

For more information, contact Amy Clowes, Marketing Executive, amy.clowes@lucideon.com.

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