Milling Optimization

Milling of materials before processing into new products can be an ‘unknown quantity’. Manufacturers are often unsure as to why specific milling techniques and/or durations are used; this is likely to be a result of using processes that have never changed.

Not fully understanding why a milling and grinding system is utilized could be detrimental to production, especially when faults occur.  A thorough comprehension of the processes involved and updating and optimising current practices can optimize production.

We have developed a consultancy service that will:

  • Assess and review current grinding and milling practices
  • Provide recommendations for improvement.

Greater control of milling processes and technology transfer could also provide increased production, shorter production times and reduced losses.

The consultancy procedure includes:

  • Studying, reviewing and understanding current technologies and needs
  • Evaluating and comparing potential alternative technologies
  • Processing and testing materials using potential new methods
  • Interpreting data and reporting recommendations for improvement.

Optimizing milling techniques could be the move that ensures your products are better than the competition.

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