Low Waste, High Efficiency Drying

Drying materials prior to processing often involves heat for quickness.  This can to be somewhat destructive and at times, have a significant effect during manufacturing processes and on the finished product(s).

In industry, drying is often not reviewed as to its effectiveness, efficiency and cost.  We have recognised this issue and as a result, created a detailed and focussed consultancy package to:

  • Assess and review current practices
  • Compare alternative technologies.

Operational consultancy can bring about a reduction in both energy and scrap due to defects caused by the drying process.  In addition, a more controlled and homogeneous drying process could increase overall productivity - not just throughput but also on a working capital basis.

The assessment starts with:

  • A thorough understanding of clients’ needs
  • A comparison of different drying technologies appropriate to the process
  • Experimental benchmarking.

And concludes with a report and recommendations.

The assessment can be applied to any industry that uses drying as part of the manufacturing process, including ceramics, refractories, pharmaceutical, construction products and minerals.

Drying is a process that is seldom appraised, but can make a significant impact on manufacturing performance. Ensure you choose the right method!

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