Materials Development

At Lucideon, we are committed to the materials development work we do – helping you to improve existing materials, products and processes,  develop new ones and solve failures quickly and effectively.

Our ceramics, metals and polymers experts have our wide range of analytical techniques, state-of-the-art rational materials selection tools, prototyping and pilot-scale facilities and cross-industry experience at their disposal – meaning that they are the perfect extension to your R&D team.

Our work falls into two broad areas:


Investigating how we can improve existing materials, products, processes and technologies. Can we make them perform better – by selecting different materials and reformulating? Can we add functionality to what they do? Can we reduce the cost of them? Can we pinpoint the root cause of failures and stop them from re-occurring?

  • Materials selection/formulation
  • Materials/product/process improvement
  • Lightweighting – reducing material usage whilst maintaining performance
  • Low energy firing project - for the ceramics industry


Developing completely new materials, products, processes and technologies to help you stay at the cutting edge of research and development. Can we develop the materials of the future? What technologies will our clients need to improve their products?

  • Inorganic Controlled Release Technologies
  • Multi-element-substituted hydroxyapatite
  • Novel bioceramic materials.

Why choose Lucideon for your materials research & development?

  • Ceramics, metals and polymers expertise built up over many years across diverse industries
  • A wide range of the latest testing and analysis techniques to support and validate development work
  • Prototyping and pilot-scale facilities to take development from the lab to pilot scale quickly
  • State-of-the-art rational materials selection tools.

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