Webinar Recordings

This page contains links to recordings of some of the webinars we have presented in recent years.

  • Ensuring Quality & Standardization in Powder Metal Input for Additive Manufacturing

    Hosted by Joan Morra, Metallurgical Engineer, and Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, the webinar covered the importance of powder quality and optimization for successful Additive Manufacturing processes.

  • Perspectives on Extractables - Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices

    Medical devices and pharmaceutical products can present a risk to patients by way of exposure to substances present in manufacturing or packaging materials. This webinar, presented by Craig Donald and Malcolm Rose on 20 October 2016, discussed how to understand and evaluate those risks by following the procedures set out in ISO 10993.

  • Failure Analysis - What Engineers Need to Know

    This webinar, presented by Sara Randall, Senior Materials Engineer, on 13 October 2016, described the general processes applied to a typical failure analysis of a metal component.

  • Your Metal Component Has Failed in Fatigue: What do you do next?

    This webinar, presented by Julius Bonini, Principal Consultant, Metallurgy, on 22 September 2016, provided a blueprint for the typical procedures which should be applied when a component fails in fatigue.

  • Additive Manufacturing for the Healthcare Sector - Challenges and Issues

    This webinar, presented by Julius Bonini, Principal Consultant, Metallurgy, on 23 June 2016, highlighted and discussed several issues associated with additive manufacturing (AM) technology that the medical implant and device community are currently facing.

  • Cleaning Validation of Reusable Medical Devices

    This webinar, presented by Dr Craig Donald on the 9th June 2016, discussed reusable medical devices (such as surgical tools, etc.) which need to be cleaned and/or sterilized before each use. Manufacturers are required to validate their cleaning/sterilization instructions accordingly. The webinar addressed a range of factors to consider when developing such protocols.

  • Update on USP Tests for Elemental Impurities – Are you ready?

    This webinar, presented by George Jones on the 7th June 2016, discussed the new USP <232> Heavy Metals limit test, which will be fully in place by 1 January 2018, and the effects it will have for businesses.

  • Wear and Mechanical Testing of Hips and Knees - What the Standards Don’t Tell You

    This webinar, presented by Ramiro Alan Ramirez and Kevin Night on 28 April 2016, discussed: common standards - what they cover and what they don’t and areas that require unique test methods including: coatings of devices; ageing of devices; adverse wear testing; dynamic testing of acetabular components and adapting simulators to emulate joints without available standards.

  • Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective

    This webinar, presented by Julius Bonini, P.E. on 21 April 2016, covered Metal Additive Manufacturing, Various Methods and Equipment, E Beam vs. Laser Melting Methods, Powder Bed vs Deposition Methods & Available Metal Systems.

  • The Use of Imaging for Claims Support

    Presented by Dr Chris Pickles on 18 February 2016, this webinar focussed on how chemical mapping and topographical profiling can be used to support product claims.

  • Validation and Quality Assurance of Medical Device Cleaning Processes

    In this webinar, presented by Dr Chris Pickles and Stuart Watson on 28 January 2016, we covered current regulatory guidance, residues and sources of contamination, and how to identify contaminants and their source via surface, gravimetric and residue analysis.

  • Understanding Materials Choices, Their Performance and Selection

    Presented by Dr Chris Pickles on 17 November 2015, this webinar explored the value of materials characterization across technology based industries to improve product and process performance. A selection of techniques, applications and case studies from a wide range of industry sectors were covered.

  • Sampling Best Practice for Improved Business Performance

    This webinar, presented by Dr Chris Pickles and Dr Richard White on 20 October 2015 explored the importance of sampling in various industry applications, and discuss how knowledge of appropriate sampling strategies and best practice can improve operational efficiency and financial outcomes.

  • How Clean is Your Device? - The Use of Surface Chemical Analysis for the Validation of Device Cleaning Processes

    Presented by Dr Chris Pickles on 21 November 2013, this webinar covered the use of surface chemical analysis for the validation of device cleaning processes and discussed how surface and chemical analysis can be used to validate the cleaning processes of medical devices.

  • Testing - More Than Just Numbers

    This webinar was presented by Dr Richard White on 25 September 2013 and discussed why testing provides much more than just numbers and examined, through examples and case studies, how it has been used by others in industry to gain a competitive advantage.