Julius Bonini, P.E.

Expertise in: Metallurgical consulting, SEM, EDS, Organic Materials Analysis Methodologies, Additive Manufacturing

Senior Metallurgy Consultant

Julius is a licensed Professional Engineer with a specialty in metallurgical failure analysis.

He joined Lucideon in early 2010 when we our U.S. lab acquired his metallurgical consulting firm MPSI. He is responsible for On-Site Materials & Process Troubleshooting as well as supporting a diverse roster of clients. His expertise encompasses analysis of corrosion, wear, fatigue, heat treatment, castings, metal coating and surface treatment, powder metallurgy, welding, component design, and the analysis of contamination. He has worked with many materials, including steels (stainless, alloy, tool) and alloys (aluminum, copper, Titanium, Nickel), precious metals, soldering alloys, specialty electronic and magnet materials, polymers, ceramics and concrete materials.

Julius began his career as a Metallurgical Engineer in the Materials and Process Department at McDonnell Douglas and has amassed over 30 years of experience. He has contributed papers for symposia and publications of MPIF, APMI, AIME, SAMPE, and others and taught a variety of Mathematics courses for Purdue University. He holds multiple patents.

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