John Cotton

Expertise in: Aerospace & Defence; Ceramics; Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials Consultant

John is a Chartered Engineer who holds a Degree in Applied Physics and is a Fellow of the Institute of Mining Minerals and Materials (IOM3). John serves on the Ceramic Science Committee of IOM3 and is a member of Peer Review College for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). John also acts as a Technology Translator for Materials KTN.

With over thirty-five years of experience in advanced materials – specialising in refractories and technical ceramics at Lucideon, John is an expert in all aspects of materials R&D and problem-solving. From identifying and solving production issues to advising on application design and per formance, John has worked with manufacturers, systems integrators and end-users to make a real difference to their businesses.

John has contributed to several materials textbooks, composed a large number of papers and is a frequent presenter at conferences worldwide.

Advanced Materials

Throughout his term at Ceram (now Lucideon) John has worked with a range of advanced materials including both monolithic and composites for applications such as fuel cells, lightweight materials for airframe and sporting goods, as well as sensors, actuators, and high temperature and wear resistant components.

Aerospace and Defence

John's experience in aerospace and defence materials incorporates ceramic armour, lightweight and high temperature composites and coatings for thermal and corrosion management.


John has been involved in a range of ceramic projects including the development of sinterable silicon nitride ceramics, evaluation of ceramic materials as electrochemical gas sensors, design and manufacture of ceramics for diesel engine components, and design of dies and development of extrusion technology for the production of thin ceramic and metal powder tapes.

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