Healthcare Webinars

Our forthcoming webinars for 2016 are detailed below.

All our webinars are free to attend and commence at 3pm (UK) time unless otherwise stated.

Date Webinar
8 December 2016     Ensuring Quality and Standardization in Powder Metal Input for Additive Manufacturing
Hosted by Joan Morra, Metallurgical Engineer, and Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, the webinar will cover the importance of powder quality and optimization for successful Additive Manufacturing processes. To find out more and/or to register to attend please click here
TBC Product Claim Support for Medical Devices - A Materials Perspective
In this webinar, we will explore the use of advanced materials analyses for product claim support of medical devices, which ultimately can help to differentiate your medical devices and the procedures with which they are used. To find out more and/or to register to attend please click here
TBC The Benefits of Using Ceramic Reflectance Standards to Calibrate Instruments and Control Colour in the Healthcare Industry
Consistency, reliability and accuracy of medical instruments that use reflected light to detect change in a sensitive test patch/strip is vital. And ensuring that colours of materials, powders and products are controlled during production and in use is vital to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction. To find out more about this webinar and/or to sign up to attend please click here

Other Webinars

We run other webinars, in addition to the healthcare sector ones.

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Past Webinars

Recordings of our previously broadcast webinars are available to watch here on our website.

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