The Benefits of Using Ceramic Reflectance Standards to Calibrate Instruments and Control Colour in the Healthcare Industry

Date:  To be confirmed - third quarter of 2016

On a date to be confirmed in Q3, Lucideon will be hosting a free webinar on the benefits of using ceramic reflectance standards to calibrate medical instruments, such as those used for diagnostic imaging, and to colour control materials, powders and products.

Consistency, reliability and accuracy of medical instruments that use reflected light to detect change in a sensitive test patch/strip is vital.  And ensuring that colours of materials, powders and products are controlled during production and in use is vital to ensure consistency and customer satisfaction.

The webinar will be presented by Sean Hillman, Manager of Lucideon’s Colour Standards division, who has many years’ experience in developing colour and reflectance standards for a wide range of industries.

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Brief overview of optical measurement theory
  • Introduction of Lucideon’s Reflectance Standards
  • Advantages of using ceramic reflectance standards over other standards
  • Case studies from the healthcare industries.

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