New Multi-Element-Substituted Hydroxyapatite (HA)

Lucideon's materials experts have been working on biocompatibility and bioactivity of HA. With newly-patented technology, Lucideon can now modify/change HA's surface charge potential (the key factor affecting biocompatibility and bioactivity) by introducing different elements into the CaP lattice.

This technology not only allows the HA, with tailored bioactivity, to be used for bone replacement materials applications but also provides a platform for a range of other applications, such as new drug delivery systems with tailored bio-application requirements.

Indication of Bioactivity by Measurement of Surface HA Growth

At Lucideon, we are actively engaged in developing novel and simplified methods for the synthesis of hydroxyapatite (HA) substituted with multi-elements. This new technology allows us to design the surface charge potential of the HA crystals.

Our materials experts are currently developing:

  • New and simplified synthetic routes to manufacture HA
  • Multi-element-substituted HA with tailored cation and anion charge variations with the introduction of different cation and anion into the CaP lattice, including, but not limited to, Silicon(Si), Fluorine (F), Sulphur (S), Boron (B), Strontium (Sr), Magnesium (Mg), Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba), Zinc (Zn), Sodium (Na), Potassium (K), Aluminium (Al), Titanium (Ti), Copper (Cu)
  • Porous granulates containing crystallites of <100 nm
  • Nano HA crystals
  • Contract R&D and manufacturing of HA and multi-element-substituted HA.

Calcium Phosphate Growth after SBF Immersion

Why Choose Lucideon?

  • Our ceramics expertise is unrivalled - since our beginnings as the British Ceramics Research Association, we have led the way in development of ceramic materials, processes and technologies. Furthermore, we've extended our knowledge into other materials and other applications.
  • Our team here at Lucideon are all renowned materials experts. What's more, we are constantly bringing new materials scientists into the business to ensure that we stay at the cutting-edge of innovation.
  • Lucideon has state-of-the-art analytical, testing and characterization facilities in-house.

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